Wille Transport, Inc.
521 West Hwy 2
Cohasset, MN 55721


The 'Owner'

The trucking bug bit Randy Cook in 1974. He joined Wille Transport as driver #3 in what was then a three-truck operation. After nine years on the road and the hands-on experience to back him up, Randy took over the operations as the company’s’ only dispatcher. In 1998 he became the owner.

But don’t let the title of ‘Owner’ fool you. You’re more likely to see Randy driving a truck than sitting behind a desk. Lending a hand where the help is needed is just his way of doing things. The title of owner comes with responsibility but the title of truck driver comes with pride. After 30 years in this business, Randy still has the trucking bug.

If you'd like to know more, check out history page.

Our Operation

To operate efficiently, you have to stay up to date. Our late model Kenworth trucks make life just a little easier for our drivers and they provide reliability for our operation. Customers know they can rely on our dependable service to deliver their goods in a safe and timely manner. Late model equipment, satellite communication, in-cab email, pre-approval transponders for scales and tollways and our newest trucks feature on-board Auxiliary Power Units for increased driver comfort.

Our People

A trucking company is nothing unless it attracts and retains the skilled and dedicated people to make it great. From the first contact with our receptionists to the time our trucks arrive, a coordinated operation is in motion to help things run smooth. So when you call Wille Transport, you won't be talking to a computer or negotiating your way through an endless maze of extension numbers. You'll speak with a living, breathing person to courteously assist your needs.



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